Fact Finding Mission:: Romania

The delegation of the Nizami Ganjavi International Center in the framework of the Humanitarian
Assistance to Ukraine and Ukraine Refugees made visits to Romania, Moldova and Poland inthe month of March. The visit started with Romania, where the members got acquainted with the current situation by visiting Romexpo refuge center and dorms of SNSPA University and hosted an emergency conference on the theme of “Solidarity of the Academic Enviroment Amid Moral Humanitarian Crisis Caused by the War in Ukraine” . The conference provided an informative report on the measures taken at the national level to integrate Ukrainian refugees into the Romanian education system, both at university and pre-university levels.

The delegation visited the Romexpo refuge center and dorms of SNSPA University which accomodated 250 refugees and got informed about the situation. Furthermore, given the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, continued attacks on Ukrainian educational institutions, as well as a number of Ukrainian schoolchildren, students, and educators seeking asylum in Romania, the Nizami Ganjavi International Center (NGIC) and the Institute for Advanced Studies in Levant Culture and Civilization in partnership with the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, the World University Consortiumand the National School of Political and Administrative Studies in Bucharest organized an emergency international conference on 23rd of March to discuss environmental solidarity. Contributions to the event came on the part of EmilConstantinescu, President of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Levant Culture and Civilization and President of Romania 1996-2000; Petar Stoyanov, President of Bulgaria 1997-2000; Zlatko Lagumdzija,President of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2001-2002, Foreign Minister 2001- 2002/2012-2015 and Professor of Information Management Systems and Information Technology at the University of Sarajevo; Ekaterina Tkeshelashvili, Deputy Prime Minister (2010-2012), Minister of Justice (2007- 2008) and Secretary of the National Security Council of Georgia 2008-2010, Director of the European Anti-Corruption Initiative in Ukraine and Professor at the Kiev University of Civil Law and Politics; Petre Roman, PrimeMinister of Romania 1989-1991, President of the Romanian Senate 1996-1999, Minister of Foreign Affairs 1999-2000; Garry Jacobs, CEO and Chair of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, Editor-in-Chief of the ‘Cadmus’ Journal and President of the Mother's Service Society Institute in Pondicherry, India; Ismail Serageldin, Vice-President of the World Bank 1992-2000 and Co- President of the ‘Nizami Ganjavi’ International Centre; Rovshan Muradov, Secretary-General of the ‘Nizami Ganjavi’ International Centre; Remus Pricopie, Rector of the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration in Bucharest, Chair of the World University Consortium; Eden Mamut, Secretary General of the Black Sea Universities Network and Professor at the ‘Ovidius’ University of Constanta; Fadwa El Guindi, Professor ofAnthropology at the University of California, member of the Board of Trustees of the World Academy of Arts andSciences and member of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Levant Culture and Civilisation; Fotini Pomoni Papaioannou, Professor at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens & Academician Nicolae Anastasiu.